22 -26 June

13-17 July

17-21 August

14-18 September

12 -16 October

9-13 November

7-11 December


Please note that we have resumed our training sessions at our premises but the option to attend training sessions online on the Zoom platform is still available.  All exams and assessments will still be done at our premises.  We have taken all necessary precautions and implemented preventative measures related to Covid-19 to protect our clients, students and staff.


Bio Sculpture gel & EVO full career training

5 Day Nail Technician Course
1 or 2 day EVO training
Manicure & Pedicure Course
Nail Art Course
Conversion Product Training
Refresher classes by appointment on:
Gel Nail Extensions
Tip Application Gel
and French Overlays

Remember seats are limited for training, please book early.

At Bio Sculpture® – Centurion we believe in comprehensive (professional) and quality nail technician training. Training is presented in both English and Afrikaans. Our belief is “Our product is only as good as the people using it”, therefore, we firmly believe that training is of the utmost importance, and time spent on quality and thorough training will certainly benefit the nail technician as well as Bio Sculpture. Consider our course as an investment in your future. Professionalism and integrity are our key focus areas and we pride ourselves in our ability to carry this through to our students.


To become a successful Nail Technician, product knowledge and application skills are important. Our Educators are continually advancing their skills to deliver the most advanced training and application techniques. Bio Sculpture® Gel may only be applied by trained and certified nail technicians who have undergone specific Bio Sculpture® Gel training and only registered Bio Sculpture Educators are qualified to conduct training courses.


Training Certificates are recognised worldwide by all the countries who offer Bio Sculpture® Gel.

Become a Qualified Bio Sculpture Nail Technician (Part-time or Full-time) and:

Join the Bio Sculpture world-wide family
A Bio Sculpture Certificate is recognised internationally
Start your own business
Become independent
Work for yourself
Work at your own pace
Arrange your own diary
No joining or franchise fees

Just attend a Bio Sculpture Training Course to start a whole new life!


17 June

22 July

10 August


Please note that due to Covid-19, all training will take place via Zoom while the exams and practicals will be one on one in our training facilities in Centurion.

Introducing BI-OLYGEL


BI-OLYGEL is a UV LED curable gel, strengthened with acrylic paste to optimise the best properties of both gel and acrylic systems, creating a firm hard gel that is easy and quick to apply. BI-OLYGEL is applied over a BIOGEL or EVO base layer with a patting and smoothing motion and cured in 60 seconds under LED.
BI-OLYGEL is successfully used in conjunction with BI-OLYGEL Sculpture Moulds, an inverted form to create and apply pre-shaped replica tip sculptures. Combined with colour and HP gels, BI-OLYGEL will expand the creative opportunities of the artistic 3D nail artist.

Congratulations to these happy technicians for successfully completing their Evo & Bi-Olygel training with us!