Thin as paper, strong as steel.


Bio Sculpture® System is the leading gel nail system. Bio Sculpture® Gel offers a variety of gels to create “customer-made” overlays and sculptures to suit every client’s needs, according to her lifestyle and preference. The Bio Sculpture ® Gel System as well as EVO, is as far as we know, the only nail system, that offers technicians and clients a complete range of gel products that vary from a very flexible to a rock hard and solid finish.

Our Amazing Products

Durable, flexible and no chipping: Long-wearing and chip proof, your Bio Scuplture® Gel treated nails keep their well-manicured look long after application. Excellent on toenails, with no worn or ragged edges.


Become a Nail Technician

At Bio Sculpture® – Centurion we believe in comprehensive (professional) and quality nail technician training. Our belief is “Our product is only as good as the people using it”, therefore, we firmly believe that training is of the utmost importance.


Do you enjoy doing different nail art designs?


In celebration of the upcoming Festive Season we are running a NAIL ART COMPETITION for all Bio Sculpture nail technicians – Centurion regions.

We encourage all Bio Sculpture Centurion Nail Technicians to enter. Become recognised as a leading nail technician.


There are no rules as to what is done as long as your design features the Christmas theme.


The sky is the limit, use your imagination and have fun with this theme. New Threading Gels and the Festive Art Collection can be used.

•Any BIOGEL or Evo colours can be used to complete your design, including HP colour gels.
•Gems / crystals / glitters are allowed but should not over power the design.
•Application should be done using only Bio Sculpture or Evo products.
•Application can be done on the clients natural nails / sculptures / glue-les tips.
•You will be judged on creativity, originality, overall neatness and application.
•Email your competition entry photos to
•Photos must be good quality, with the nail art clearly visible. Different angles required.
•Competition deadline- 11 December 2019. Any entries received later than 11 December will not be accepted.
•Competition winner will be announced
17 December 2019.
•Only Centurion & surrounding regions Bio Sculpture Technician will be eligible for placement.

1st place winner will receive a High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit, valued at over R1000. Prizes for second and third placements.

For more information contact us on 0126442401/

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