BI-OLYGEL Introduction

We are excited to share the launch of the new BI-OLYGEL products with you!


  • Vanessa Reid says:

    Interest in this product. Thank you.

    • Marina says:

      Dear Vanessa

      Are you a registered Bio Sculpture Technician. If you are please supply me with your Bio Sculpture Certificate number.

      If not, then you can buy all our other products but not our Gel products. You need to be a registered nail technician to receive prices and info regarding this. I can send you the 5 Day training detail for becoming a Bio Sculpture Nail Technician.

      Kindly let me know.
      Bio Sculpture Centurion

  • Yvonne Marais says:

    Please can you send me more details on this product. The prices also. Kind regards Yvonne

    • Marina says:

      Dear Yvonne,

      Are you a qualified Bio Sculpture Nail Technician? If you are, please send me your Bio Sculpture Certificate and details of training. If you are not, then we cannot share the prices of our Bio-Gel products, etc with you. Should you require I can send you the information of our 5 Day Nail Technician training.

      Kind Regards
      Bio Sculpture Centurion

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