About The Product

Since 1988

“When I developed Bio Sculpture Gel I wanted a product that could be applied over natural nails, gel sculptures, or artificial tips, that doesn’t chip or wear away at the free edge. I wanted all this with a shiny, flexible, hard protection that gives a neat well groomed appearance.” Elmien Scholtz

Inventors of

  • Permanent Nail Colour
  • Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Sculptures
  • Removable Bio Sculpture Gel

Clinically tested

With excellent results Bio Sculpture® Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong-naturally.

Quick and Easy:

Easy to apply and easy to remove, within 15-20 minutes.

Bio Sculpture® Gel is a nail treatment applied as a coating to your own nails to strengthen and condition them.

Dries instantly: 
Applied onto the natural nail, over tips or sculptured extensions. Bio Sculpture® Gel dries instantly under LED curing lamp, in your choice of color or natural finish.

Applies clean and comfortably: 
With low fumes and odours and almost no buffing dust, you’ll enjoy seeing your nails transformed to their exceptional potential.

Durable, flexible and no chipping: 
Long-wearing and chip proof, your Bio Scuplture® Gel treated nails keep their well-manicured look long after application. Excellent on toenails, with no worn or ragged edges.

Bio Sculpture Gel

Functional and Fashionable:

Choose from 170 Permanent Colors, Clear or French. As your nails grow, nail polish can be used to colour the new growth until it’s time for a fill at your salon.

Apply coloured polishes over the permanent Color Gel. This can be removed easily with formulated polish remover, and you are back to your Permanent Color Gel.

The perfect solution to beautiful nails dries instantly.

Bio Sculpture Gel